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Terms & Condition

General conditions of use of BOOKMI

Updated version as of november 02, 2019



She define the conditions between you and the company sas hello of transport (hereinafter BOOKMI ) restrictions and services your acceptance by clicking on the button ” I ‘ have read and fully accept the terms and conditions” .

A before using services bookmi you agree to age at least eighteen years and be able to contract. you guarantee that all the information you provide are true and accurate.

All speculative bookings, false or fraudulent are prohibited. using any part of the service BOOKMI through its website www.bookmi-group.com you accept all the provisions of these terms and limitations of liability described in article 6.

you acknowledge that the conditions are binding just like any written by you signed. if you do not agree with the terms of these terms and conditions of use, you are not authorized to use the services on the website www.bookmi.com. BOOKMI reserves the right to modify the pressing terms and conditions of use in accordance with the evolution of the site or the legislation. I l is for each user for regularly these terms of use and tariff to stand advised of its possible changes.

1. Definitions

  • BOOKMI means the company WOLRD TRANSFERT LTD as a broker that connects Users and Drivers for the reservation directly between them of one or more Race (s) or Mise (s) to Disposition. BOOKMI is neither a transport company, nor a reservation center, nor a representative of the Chauffeurs or Carriers on which they depend. BOOKMI does not intervene in the transactions between the Users and the Drivers or the Carrier and the contract of carriage is directly concluded between them without intervention of BOOKMI . As a result, BOOKMI has no control over the quality, safety or legality of the Races or Layouts, the veracity or accuracy of the content or announcements of the Drivers or Carriers, or the ability of the Drivers. BOOKMI also can not guarantee that the Driver will conclude the transaction or perform the Race or the Layout. The User is always free to choose with which Chauffeurs he wishes to conclude the Race or the Layout.
  • Driver means the driver (s) of the Vehicle (s) belonging to the Transporters affiliated with BOOKMI and carrying out the Races or Schedules reserved by the Users and for which the Driver has been selected.
  • Order means any request for Chauffeur Booking by the User.
  • Race means any provision of transport of Users and incidentally of luggage validly reserved by the User on the Site and carried out for a fee by a Driver.
  • Instant Race means any Race booked by the Client in accordance with the technical conditions stipulated on the BOOKMI Platform for the so-called “Instant” Races within a time limit of between thirty (30) minutes minimum and twelve (12) hours maximum before the departure of the Race.
  • Forward Race means any Race validly booked by the Client on the BOOKMI Platform as a so-called “advance” Race, within a minimum of twelve (12) hours before the start of the Race.
  • Client File means all the data relating to the Users required for the operation of the BOOKMI Platform .
  • Confirmation Form means any act communicated by BOOKMI by which the User certifies his will to make a Reservation by entering the Security Code.
  • Identifiers means any access code and / or password chosen by the User and intended to allow the User to identify himself, to provide his bank details (mandatory procedure to be able to place Order) and to use the Site in accordance with the provisions hereof.
  • Provisioning means the booking of a Driver for a minimum number of hours and with a limited number of kilometers per hour, subject to a specific charge distinct from the Races.
  • Cancellations Penalty means any compensation requested from the User by the Carrier to the User in case of cancellation of the Race or the Provision reserved by the User and the amount of which is fixed in the tariff conditions of the Carrier to which is attached the Driver selected by the User.
  • Delay Penalty means any compensation requested from the User by the Carrier in the event of delay on the part of the User and the amount of which is fixed in the tariff conditions of the Carrier to which the Driver selected by the User is attached.
  • Punctuality guarantee means any indemnity due to the User by the Carrier in the event of delay on the part of the Driver selected by the User and whose amount is fixed in the tariff conditions of the Carrier to which is attached the Driver selected by the User.
  • Platform BOOKMI means all the application software, connection software, databases, methods, processes or any other element of which the intellectual property rights are held by BOOKMI and which are necessary for the functioning of the Site and the provision of the Service via the Site.
  • Reservation means any booking of Race or Layout made by a User via the Site.
  • Service means the linking service provided by BOOKMI free of charge to the User, consisting in seeking, on behalf of the User, a Driver available in the demand area as indicated by the latter and in connect via the Site for the Order of a Race or a Layout.
  • Site means the domain name and sub-domain www.bookmi-group.com, the website and the infrastructure developed for BOOKMI according to the computer formats usable on the Internet including data of different natures and, in particular, texts, sounds, still or moving images, videos, databases intended to be consulted by the User to know his Services.
  • SMS means any text message sent to a mobile phone or Smartphone.
  • Carrier means any natural or legal person exercising, for consideration and in accordance with French legislation and regulations in force, the activity of operator of passenger cars with driver, called “VTC” and / or carrier activity persons and their luggage with driver by motorized vehicle (s) with two or three wheels, called “motor-taxis” within the meaning of article 5 of the law n ° 2009-888 of July 22, 2009, and being validly subscribed to the BOOKMI Platform.
  • User means any user natural person located in France or abroad validly registered with BOOKMI who navigates, get acquainted, Order and Reserve, a Driver through the Service offered by BOOKMI on the Site www.bookmi-group.com or by any other proposed linking channel (smartphone, counter in public places, contracts signed with third party partners, etc.).
  • Vehicle (s) means the passenger car (s) and two or three wheeled motorized land vehicles made available by the Carrier and allocated for the purposes of the Service in three categories, namely: “4-seater sedan” and “7-seater van” , “disable car”, “, taxi ” according to descriptions available online on the Site.
2. General provisions – Scope

  • BOOKMI’s Services are exclusively governed by these general conditions of use, to the exclusion of all other documents, such as prospectuses, catalogs, BOOKMI documentations which are given for information only and have no indicative value.
  • Any order via this Website implies the immediate and unconditional acceptance of the general conditions of use of the Service, despite any stipulation to the contrary on any document emanating from the User.
  • This offer is exclusively reserved for individuals and / or professionals, natural persons not acting on behalf of third parties. Any person ordering Races or Releases through the Site thus commits to use the Races or Dispositions for his own account, except with the User’s consent, whether personally or professionally. The User may not use the BOOKMI Site for any commercial purpose or booking services, or in any manner that is unlawful or likely to harm BOOKMI or its partners, distributors, service providers or suppliers or any other customer.
3. Order – Validation

  • The user declares to have read and accepted these terms and conditions of use. He further agrees that these terms and conditions apply to each Race or Layout. The validation of each Order is therefore reiteration of its acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • Instant Race: For each Instant Race, the interested User follows the following process in order to establish his Order via the Site: The user specifies the characteristics of the request, including the day, time and route of the Race. In addition, the User has the option to choose his Driver according to the criteria that he defines in relation to: the distance, the type of vehicle, the day and time of departure and the time between the moment when the User reserve its Race and the moment it actually begins. BOOKMI then proceeds to an immediate analysis of the number of Drivers available in the requested sector and the surrounding areas and sends to the Chauffeurs deemed to be available and being able to take care of the Customer according to the criteria he has defined, an alert on their mobile phone. BOOKMI then proposes to the User, on the Website, the list of available Drivers who have responded to the alert so that he can finalize his choice. The list of Drivers is however never imposed on the User who always has the opportunity not to order the Race by disconnecting from the Site. Once the selection has been made by the User, the User must create an account on BOOKMI and / or connect to it using its identifiers. Once these formalities have been completed, a detail of the Order summarizing the previous information is sent to the User by email and SMS.
  • Advance Race: As part of an Advanced Race, the User interested in placing an Order on the BOOKMI site follows a process that is almost identical to the Instant Course referred to in article 3.2 above. above. In addition, the Drivers do not need to reply to the Customer from their mobile. A Driver corresponding best to the criteria of the Customer is proposed, and the Customer has the choice to list up to 3 Drivers maximum per category (city, escape, prestige).
  • Orders placed under the provisions of articles 3.2 and 3.3 of these provisions can only be validly registered on the BOOKMI Site if the User has clearly identified himself via the Identifiers communicated at the time of his registration on the Site for its first Order. When registering on the Site, the User must enter his details (which will be pre-filled at his next visit) with the following mandatory information: title, surname, first name, full home address, e-mail and telephone number mobile, in particular so that BOOKMI can send him the Security Code by SMS, and that the Driver can contact the Customer at the meeting point.
  • If the user benefits from a special offer, he must enter a code that has been assigned in the field provided for this purpose.
  • When the User clicks on the “Confirm Booking” button, he / she accesses the summary of his Order where all the information is recalled.
  • Contractual information is presented in French and will be the subject of a confirmation containing this contractual information as soon as the Reservation is validated by the Driver to whom it is attached. BOOKMI reserves the right to cancel or refuse any Order from a User (i) if his profile does not meet the conditions of quality of consumer as defined in articles 2.2 and 2.3 hereof, (ii) if there is a dispute relating to the payment of a previous Order and, in any case, (iii) if the User has not checked the acceptance of the general conditions of use.
  • The Driver or Carrier to which he is attached always has the option of canceling the Race or Provision. It is recommended that the User contact the Driver shortly before the Race or Layout to ensure that the Driver is always available.
  • The user must ride on the Chauffeur’s Vehicle as soon as it arrives at the indicated address and at the agreed time. In case of absence of the User at the agreed time, the Driver is deemed authorized to leave the agreed place, without prior warning.
4. Rates

  • The Service put online by BOOKMI available to the User is completely free for the User.
  • The Race or Provision is sold by the Carrier to which the Driver is attached to the tariff in force on the day when it is performed. Prices are in Euros all taxes included (VAT 10% when applicable). Any change in the applicable VAT rate may be reflected in the price of the Race or Provision.
  • The price of the Race or Provision is indicated as an indication on the Site at the time of the Order (hereinafter the “Indicative Price”) and remains, as such, subject to change due to the factual circumstances of the Race or Provision (for example, and without being exhaustive, due to schedule changes, route changes, etc.).
    • The Site Order process allows the User to check the details of his Order and the amount of the Indicative Price to be paid for the Race or the Layout.
    • From the moment the User has validated the Order as indicated in article 3.6 above, the said Order is firm and final.
    • Any validated Order implies acceptance of the Indicative Price, the price list of the vehicle to which the selected Driver is attached and descriptions of the Race or Provision.
    • The final price of the Race or the Layout (hereinafter the “Final Price”) is set by the Driver at the end of the Race or the Layout according to the actual conditions of transport on the base of the tariff schedule of the Carrier to which it is attached and after the possible application of the Cancellation Penalty, the Delay Penalty, or the Punctuality Guarantee.
    • In addition, it is specified that:
    • With regard to the Race:
    • The user pays the Final Price of a single Race for a single itinerary;
    • The fixing of the Final Price of the Race varies according to the itinerary and the tariff schedule of the Carrier concerned on the basis of a support, a cost per kilometer, a mark-up according to the hour and the day and according to the time elapsed between the time of the Booking and the start of the Race;
    • With regard to the Disposition:
    • The user chooses to delimit a time slot in which the Driver is exclusively at his service;
    • The setting of the Final Layout Price varies according to the time of use and the rate schedule of the Carrier concerned on the basis of a flat rate with the duration with a mark-up according to the hour and the day and according to the time elapsed between the time of the Booking and the beginning of the Provision.
  • In case of cancellation of the Race or the Provision by the User or in case of absence of presentation of the latter at the address, on the date and at the agreed time for departure, the User may a penalty of cancellation corresponding to a% of the selling price of the Race or the Lay-out.
    • In the event of a delay by the User, the User may be charged a Penalty for Delay and corresponding to a penalty whose amount is progressive according to the duration of the delay of the User compared to the agreed departure time. for the Race or the Layout.
    • Each of the penalties applies to the Driver’s initiative, provided that the following cumulative conditions are met: (i) the Carrier has made available on the Site its specific tariff schedule relating to the Cancellation Penalty or the Penalty of Delay and (ii) the User could have access prior to any booking confirmation. If applicable, the Cancellation Penalty or Delay Penalty will be offset against the Indicative Price charged at the time of the Order and / or will be levied in addition, directly to the User’s bank account without any additional authorization from his / her part is required.
  • The user may be awarded a Punctuality Guarantee in the event of a delay by the Driver and corresponding to a rebate granted on the sale price of the Race or the Disposition and the amount is progressive according to the duration of the delay of the Driver in relation to the agreed start time for the Race or the Layout.
    • This discount applies to the Driver’s initiative, provided that the following cumulative conditions are met: (i) the Carrier has made available on the Site its specific tariff schedule relating to its Punctuality Guarantee and (ii) the User has may have access prior to any booking confirmation.
5. Payment terms and security

  • The payment of the Indicative Price will occur automatically upon confirmation of the Order and as a down payment on the Final Price of the Race or the Layout, or by direct debit on the Customer’s account of the User if that it is registered with BOOKMI or the Carrier, or by credit card online on the Site at the time of booking.
    • The user expressly authorizes BOOKMI to use the STRIPE system or any other system of his choice of secure online payment on the Site for the payment of all sums owed by him to the title of the Races and Sets to Arrangements ordered and expressly authorizes BOOKMI to carry out, if necessary, all necessary steps to open an account in the name and on his behalf with STRIPE.
    • The user acknowledges having read, prior to the signing of these presents, the general conditions of use of STRIPE and that they will apply for any payment made by this system on the Site.
    • BOOKMI undertakes to keep the User informed of any change to the secure online payment system on the Site and to inform him of the applicable terms and conditions of use.
    • The billing of the User is made on the basis of the aforementioned Final Price of the Race or Provision (including the eventual Late Penalty) or, where applicable, on the basis of the Cancellation Penalty.
    • The difference between the Indicative Price already paid by the User and the Final Price charged to the User will be the subject of an additional payment by the User by deduction or refund on the credit card used during the Order .
  • “Online” Orders are issued via the Internet, mobile Internet or through dedicated BOOKMI software applications .
    • BOOKMI will send to the user the invoice of the carrier whose driver has ensured the race or the provision. An invoice will be established for each service performed, unless the user is in account with the carrier and has agreed with him a different frequency or different billing terms.
  • BOOKMI makes every effort to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data transmitted on the Site. The data relating to the credit card are not kept by BOOKMI after the payment. To ensure payment security, the Site uses PAYBOX secure payment services. These services incorporate the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security standard. The confidential data (the 16-digit bank card number and the expiry date) are directly transmitted encrypted on the STRIPE server without passing on the physical media of the BOOKMI server .
  • When the bank details are validated, the secure remote payment manager sends an authorization request to the bank card network. The remote payment manager issues an electronic certificate. For more information, the User is advised to refer to the general conditions of use of STRIPE.
  • The validation of the Order by means of the credit card number, the expiration date and the cryptogram (digits of the complementary number indicated at the restaurant or on the back of the card) is a payment order that the payment server transmits to the customer. credit institution of the User.
6. Limitation of warranty and liability

  • BOOKMI ensures a simple connection between the Carrier or the Driver and the User. BOOKMI does not intervene in any case in the contractual relations between them. As an independent intermediary, BOOKMI has limited liability to the Chauffeurs’ availability search service only for the address, the day and the hour indicated by the User and disclaims any other implicit or explicit liability or guarantee. The Driver and the Carrier to which he is attached remain sole sellers of the Race or Layout and, as such, solely responsible for the perfect performance of the transport service vis-à-vis the User.
    • Therefore, as part of its intermediation role, BOOKMI neither warrants, nor can not be held liable, directly or indirectly, for any reason whatsoever, in case of defective performance, or total or partial non-performance its obligations by the Driver to whom it is attached or by the User himself. In the same way, BOOKMIcan not under any circumstances be held responsible, directly or indirectly, for the actions of the Drivers or the Carrier or the Users, in particular in connection with the execution of the Race or the Layover, or the transactions carried out between them or cancellations, delays, consequences or damages resulting from the transport services offered by the Carriers via the Site or the contents of the Data and / or the User and Carrier File disseminated on the BOOKMI Platform .
    • In general, BOOKMI can in no way be held responsible for any difficulty occurring before, during and after the transport of the User, the Transporters or Chauffeurs remaining solely responsible for the proper execution of the Race or the Opening. Disposition.
    • Consequently, in case of dispute (s) with a Driver or Carrier, the User releases BOOKMI from all liability (as well as its directors, directors, agents, related and associated companies, joint ventures and employees) for any claim and any damage (present or future) of any type or nature, known or unknown, resulting directly or indirectly from this litigation (s).
  • The estimates of the travel time communicated by the Driver or the Carrier to the User via the Site are based on standard times that can not in any way engage the responsibility of BOOKMI . Regarding major travel or to stations and airports, it is up to the user to take a sufficient margin of precaution to mitigate any traffic hazard or other. It is recalled that BOOKMI can not be held responsible for the consequences of traffic conditions.
    • Similarly, the photographs, diagrams or drawings illustrating the services of the Chauffeurs or the Carrier and their descriptive text published on the Site are communicated for illustrative purposes and do not enter the contractual field (in particular, because of the possible difference of the vehicles , their colors according to the lighting when taking pictures or the evolution of some finishing details).
    • The information transmitted by the User on the Order commits him. In the event of an error in the wording of his contact details (including surname, first name, street number and name, postal code, city name, telephone number or email address), BOOKMI can not be responsible for any difficulty in the transport service or the impossibility to return it.
  • BOOKMI undertakes to check the availabilities of the proposed Race or Layout services. BOOKMI makes every effort to find, for the User, an available Driver as soon as possible. As such, BOOKMI is held to an obligation of means. The responsibility of BOOKMI can not be engaged if the search for a Chauffeur does not succeed because of the unavailability of all the Chauffeurs, and this even in the case of a Race in the advance referred to the Article 3.3 hereof.
  • Guarantees, conditions of sale and transport and insurance are those defined by the Carriers, without the assistance or intervention of BOOKMI.
  • BOOKMI can not be held responsible for any interference in the Service by a third party and any harmful consequences that may result.
  • Although BOOKMI undertakes to make every effort to ensure the permanence, continuity and quality of its Service, its responsibility can not be held liable for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the Internet; in particular a break in service, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses, so that BOOKMI subscribes in this respect to an obligation of means.
    • The user declares to accept the characteristics and the limits of the Internet and in particular recognizes:
    • that BOOKMI can not in any way be held responsible especially for difficulties or speeds and slowdowns of access to the Site, the non-routing of information or the non-validation of an Order for technical reasons,
    • be aware of the nature of the Internet network and in particular its technical performance and response times to consult, query or transfer information or content,
    • that it is his responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect his own data and / or software and / or materials from contamination by possible computer viruses or attempted intrusions or any other software and program that may harm the operating or damaging computer equipment.
    • BOOKMI does not guarantee that the Site will operate in any operating environment and that it can be used at any time, without interruption or error, or that any errors may be corrected. Similarly, BOOKMI can not be held responsible for non-functioning, inaccessibility or poor conditions of use of the Site attributable to non-adapted equipment, internal malfunctions to the Internet access provider of the User, the congestion of the Internet and for other reasons outside BOOKMI .
    • BOOKMI reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, accessibility to the Site or all or part of its Services, in particular for reasons of maintenance, updating or improvement of the Site, or to change the content or their presentation without any notice or compensation.
    • The BOOKMI website may contain links to other partner sites. BOOKMI can not carry out any control on these sites and declines any responsibility with regard to their content and services. However, it undertakes to make these links ineffective, if the content of the referenced sites violates the rights of a third party.
7. Information on the absence of right of withdrawal

In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code and to the extent that the service sold by the Drivers or the Carrier relates to a transport service, the User does not have a right of retraction neither vis-à-vis the Transporters nor vis-à-vis their Chauffeurs.

  • Force Majeure – Failing one of the Parties or an unforeseeable and insurmountable Third Party
    • The responsibility of BOOKMI can not be sought if the execution of the contract is delayed or prevented due to a case of force majeure or a fortuitous event as defined by the legal provisions and the jurisprudence, and more generally in the cases following: computer failure or telecommunication networks preventing the availability of online services, strike, demonstration, bad weather, traffic accident disrupting traffic, bottling of an unusual magnitude. BOOKMI will not be responsible in case of non-performance or improper performance of the Service attributable to the other or the unpredictable and insurmountable fact of a third party.
8 Intellectual property

  • BOOKMI is the exclusive owner of all rights, titles or interests concerning the Security Codes, the Identifiers, the BOOKMI Platform , the Services and the Site. The user acknowledges and agrees that copyright and other rights relating in particular to intellectual and industrial property, patents, trademarks, designs, trade secrets, know-how, ideas, concepts and inventions, any interest, covered or not by the applicable law, concerning the Security Codes, the Identifiers, the BOOKMI Platform , the Services and the BOOKMI Website ,including but not limited to, any modifications, adaptations, improvements, corrections, updates or new versions, derivative works and evolutions are and remain reserved, at any time, to BOOKMI . If any suggestions, concepts or developments proposed by the User are implemented by BOOKMI in its Services, the User hereby acknowledges and accepts that BOOKMI holds all rights, titles or interests that may result. The user undertakes to keep the trademarks or any other distinctive sign of BOOKMI on the Services and to refrain from any parasitic behavior with regard to BOOKMI.The terms “Order”, “Book” or “Validate” mean the right for the User to use the BOOKMI Services without resulting in a transfer of industrial and intellectual property rights that BOOKMI has on the Security Codes, Identifiers, the Platform BOOKMI, the Services and the Site, nor authorization of industrial or commercial exploitation.
  • In particular, the BOOKMI Platform , the Services and the Site are the property of BOOKMI . They are protected by international copyright laws and treaties, as well as other international intellectual property laws and treaties. All rights related to the BOOKMI Platform ,Services and the Site, concepts, their original and innovative character including intellectual property rights on texts, literary, graphic (including photographic) and audiovisual creations, computer developments, HTML developments or other works of art. spirit and generally all creations likely to be protected by the law of the intellectual property like the images, the logos, the formatting, the graphic charter, the structure, the ergonomics, the color codes, the typographies, the fonts of character, the basic graphic elements, the graphic organization of the screens, the layout, the backgrounds and more generally the visual identity of the Site, the sound elements or the marks belong to BOOKMI or are regularly exploited by it without any limitation. Any infringement of the rights of BOOKMI or its advertisers may give rise to legal proceedings.
  • The user who has a personal website and who wishes to place, for personal use, on his site a hypertext link to the BOOKMI website must compulsorily request the prior written authorization of BOOKMI.
9. Legal Information – Computing and Liberties – Cookies

  • The mandatory responses in the order form are marked with an asterisk or “all fields are mandatory”.
    • BOOKMI is committed to complying with legal and regulatory requirements regarding privacy and the protection of personal information. This minimum information is used only for the processing of the User’s Orders as well as to strengthen and personalize the communication and the offer of Services, in particular by newsletters, as well as within the framework of the personalization of the offers. All the information concerning Users is intended for BOOKMI for the purpose of creating a Client File, except in the case where the User has already been identified as the Client of a Carrier and where the User has will have validated during its first connection, in which case the User will be part of the Customer File of this Transporter.
  • The BOOKMI website is in compliance with French and European legislation relating to the protection of privacy and personal data in force and has been declared to the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL ) under the number1594855v0.
  • In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended by the law of 6 August 2004 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, any user has, at any time, a right access, modification, rectification or deletion of data concerning him. For this, the User will be able to consult and modify his data in the following way:
    • By telephone on (international number)
    • By email at the following address: contact@bookmi-group.com
    • In writing to the following address: 20-22 Wenlock Road N17GU London
  • Cookies: The BOOKMI website may collect information automatically by the use of “cookies” (or cookies) which allow in particular to track the browsing of Users on the Site, to identify the most important sections of the Site. visitors’ destinations and the duration of their visits. A cookie does not allow BOOKMI to identify the User; however, it records information about the navigation of your computer on the BOOKMI Site to establish the parameters of the session during your connection. These cookies allow the BOOKMI website to process your requests and ensure the proper functioning of the Site. The BOOKMI web site uses cookies to memorize the details of the User during your identification so that you do not have to provide them later (this memorization is optional and You remain free to change your details later). Also note that cookies are valuable to personalize the interactions of users of the Site and offer them increased convenience each time they want to connect. BOOKMI automatically collects certain non-personally identifiable information that it stores in log files – IP address, browser type used, ISP, origin and destination pages, operating system, date / time, and navigation sequence. BOOKMI uses this non-personally identifiable information to analyze trends, administer the Site, monitor users’ operations through the Site and obtain demographic information on its user base as a whole. BOOKMI refrains from using the information thus collected to directly solicit the user. The shelf life of this information on your computer is twelve months. You always have the option to disable or prevent the placement of these cookies or to be informed of their creation by configuring your browser through an “Internet Options”, “Preferences” or “Security” menu. BOOKMI Invites you to consult the “help” section of your Internet browser for more information on how to set these functions.
10. Signature – Evidence – Preservation and Archiving of Transactions

  • In any case, the final validation of the Order will be proof of the entirety of the said Order in accordance with the provisions of the law of March 13, 2000 and will be worth the sums corresponding to the amount of the Race or the Layout.
  • This validation constitutes signature and express acceptation of all the operations carried out on the Site.
  • The computerized registers, kept in the computer systems of BOOKMI and its partners under reasonable conditions of security, will be considered as proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties. They also meet the requirements of Article L.134-2 of the Consumer Code in terms of conservation.
  • The filing of purchase orders and invoices is made on a reliable and durable support to correspond to a faithful and durable copy in accordance with Articles 1316 and following of the Civil Code.
11. Duration – Miscellaneous provisionss

  • These conditions apply throughout the duration of online services offered by BOOKMI.
  • Failure to exercise, partial exercise or delay in the exercise of the rights provided for in the General Conditions of Use does not in any way constitute a waiver of the exercise of these rights, nor a waiver of any other right . If any provision of these General Conditions of Use is deemed to be void, it shall be deemed unwritten but the remaining provisions shall remain in force and scope unless the Parties in good faith consider this provision to be essential. BOOKMIreserves the right to modify these terms and conditions of use at any time by posting the amended conditions on the Site. Unless otherwise stated, all modified conditions will be effective after being posted online and the User will be notified by email.
12. Applicable law and disputes

  • These Terms of Use are subject to French law.
  • Any dispute that may arise between the parties regarding the interpretation of these General Terms of Use or the execution or termination of the Service will be submitted to the competent court. The competent court shall be that of the defendant’s place of residence or, at the choice of the plaintiff, the place of execution of the Service.
13. Who is BOOKMI ?

  • BOOKMI is a simplified joint-stock company whose head office is 20-22 Wenlock road N17GU London registered with the Trade and Companies Register of London under the number 11822799, The website bookmi-group.com is hosted by the Google App Engine Company. Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View 94043 USA – +1 650-253-0000. For any complaint, You can contact BOOKMI by telephone at the following address: 20-2 Wenlock Road N17GU London contact@bookmi-group.com

Terms of cancelation

Cancellations more than 2 hours before pick-up are free. If the race is canceled between 1 hour and 2 hours before the start of the race, the cancellation fee is 60% of the amount of the race. In case of cancellation less than one hour before the start of the race, 80% of the amount of the race will be charged. In case of no-show or cancellation at the last minute, the full value of the reserved race is billed to the Customer.

Waiting conditions and late payment

Depending on the range of cars booked, your reservation includes a few minutes waiting for your driver: – In Economy class, the first 5 minutes of waiting are free and are charged 0,50 € / min